Granite Fabrication

When it comes to granite fabrication, quality is key. Many shops have gone to an automated type set up with cnc machines and etc. While automation is fast, it is very hard on stone causing tooling lines and chipped edges. While the chipped edges are usually repaired before the stone enters your home, the tooling lines are permanent.

At Stone and Laser Solutions, we cut every piece with a saw and hand finish all rounded corners and edges. This is much easier on the stone. Our polishing process entails using a 7 step process of using diamond impregnated pads starting with a 50 grit and finishing with a 3000 grit, and finally a buff pad to completely finish off the polish.

Our measuring/template process is also done by hand the old school way. Building a physical wood template of your counters or measuring by hand to drastically reduce the number of re-made pieces compared to a computer operated templating system. While the computer templating process is accurate, the amount of times measurements are transferred from one file to another allows for numerical mistakes which cause your pieces to possibly be cut incorrectly.

The pride we take in our work allows you to take pride in the product that is in your home! Let us hand craft your kitchen/bathroom, or any other granite you need!