Sealing your granite


Granite Repair & Sealing

Chip Repair

Though granite and quartz are extremely durable surfaces, sometimes things occur that need repair. Whether it be a pan that slipped out of your hand and chipped the edge of your undermount sink cutout or the new appliances came in and made an unwanted modification to the corner of your island while trying to maneuver them in to place. We can take care of it for you!

If your counter happens to chip or crack on the surface or the edge, we have the capabilities of filling your stone with color matching epoxies and repairing your stone to look great again.

Seam repair

Over time, the epoxy in the seam that holds your stone together can yellow or crack and leave voids in your seam. Epoxies have come a long way and are now smoother and stronger than ever. We can remove and replace the epoxy in your seams with the best products on the market!

Over the years, sealers have advanced as well. While years ago countertops needed to be re sealed anywhere from every 6 months to a year to stay strong and protected, now we have sealers that can last up to 20 years! It is a very fast, non intrusive, and cost effective way to get your stone protected again!

Hard water build up

Over time, around fixtures such as faucets, hard water can build up and turn to a rusty/dirty film on your counter. We can remove that hard water build up and re seal the area and get it clean and looking like new again!

While stone is very durable, it’s possible to get scratches from sliding pizza stones/stone cookie jars, etc. across your counter. We can resurface your stone to remove most scratches! 

Whether it be granite, quartz, or marble, give us a call to see what we can do for you!